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Not sure what facial to book? Use our service quiz to find the perfect service.


Shop an assortment of face oils, cleansers + more from our esthetician-formulated skin care line, Mod Society.

All of our facials are 50 mins and customized to your skin type. We believe in providing exceptional value to our clients.  Most skincare practitioners are either results driven (like med spas) or just relaxing (like day spas).   Your facial at mod society will be both results driven and relaxing - no compromise. 

First decide your facial category.  Choose the MODESSENTIAL facial for a purely relaxing facial.  If you would like to add anti-aging or acne fighting modalities to your facial choose a MODSINGLE, MODDUO, or THEWORKS!  A MODSINGLE adds 1 modality, the MODDUO adds 2 modalities, and THEWORKS! adds 3 modalities. See below for our facial modalities or book online.

beautiful skin easy as


Choose your facial category


Choose your modalities or "Let the Experts Decide"


Enjoy the best skin of your life :-)

** counts as 2 modalities

** counts as 3 modalities

Modalities are the different results driven techniques or technologies that we use to provide skincare results. They can be mixed and matched to provide you a customized facial experience. Think of them like the tools of the trade. Not sure what all of these do? Choose the Let the Experts Decide facial and your Esthetician will pick what is right for you.  All you will need to decide on is whether you want 1, 2, or 3 modalities.

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